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  • Gaelscoil Osraí Cill Chainnigh 30 bliain ag fás
  • Nuachtlitir 8 Meán Fomhair 2020/September Newsletter

    A chairde, 

    Buíochas libh ar fad as ucht bhur gcomhoibriú lenár dteacht ar ais ar scoil. Go dtí seo, tá ár bpáistí sona, sásta, calma agus lán d’fhuinneamh agus iad ar ais linn. Tuigimid go rí-mhaith go bhfuil duine anseo is ansiúd neirbhíseach faoin a bheith linn agus táimid ag déanamh ár seacht ndícheall an neirbhíseacht sin a láimhseáil. 

    Thank you all hugely for your cooperation in ensuring our first full week back at school has gone really well. We are delighted that all our children have returned safely and seem to be delighted to be back among their friends and learning from their teachers. We have missed normal school life and are really happy to be back doing what we love best. Many of you have commented favourably on the calm atmosphere so far and on the positive changes we have made to the school environment. There are certainly some things we’ll be keeping as we move forward in these strange times. 

    We are also conscious that many of you and your children remain anxious and nervous about the return to school and once again we remind you of the wonderful information that Dr. Tadhg Crowley and Psychologist Mags Bowen gave in our parents’ Zoom meeting, which you can view here at any time. 

    In relation to some of your queries here in recent days, here are a few things to bear in mind. It is clear that doctors are rightly taking a very cautious approach. 

    1. If you’re in doubt, keep them out! If you have any concerns about your child having possible symptoms of Covid 19, please contact your own GP or Caredoc and take their advice. If they recommend that you or your child be tested, please do so. 

    2. If your GP says a test is unnecessary, your child can return to school. We do not require a test result unless your doctor has advised it be done. 

    3. If you receive a negative test, please seek and follow your GP’s advice on returning to school. 

    4. If you receive a positive test, please follow all your GP or HSE advice in relation to self-isolation etc. 

    5. We will NOT be informing anybody else of a test result. This is completely confidential. Only the HSE will be making contact with any close contacts. We will of course as a school cooperate fully with the contact tracing system if asked. 

    In relation to the arrangements for drop-off and pick-up from school, please note the following: 

    All children, including naíonáin bheaga, are now coming in at our three stagger times in the morning. Thanks for your cooperation with this. We would ask that ALL children be allowed to make their way directly to the classroom  from next Monday onwards. This is a big change for our naíonáin bheaga in particular but will make a great difference on building your child’s independence as well as keeping us all safe. In the meantime, if you must bring your child to the classrooom, please wear a face covering. 

    Naonáin Bheaga will have a full school day from Monday next 14th when they will finish school at 1.50 pm. This will result in five separate pick-up zones on the path between the bike racks and the astroturf pitch for Naíonáin Bheaga agus móra. 

    All other children will continue to leave between 2.30 and 2.50 pm each day. Please remind your child to leave immediately at their designated time to avoid them waiting around for ‘cairde’ and risking the mixing of our class bubbles. 

    PLEASE AVOID ILLEGAL PARKING ON FOOTPATHS AND CLOSE TO ESTATE ENTRANCES AROUND THE SCHOOL. Our drop-off system is in action at morning and afternoon times. 

    We are absolutely delighted with the reaction to our cycling and walking appeal. Over 33 children and staff cycled or scooted to school this morning and dozens of children walked. Our best day of cycling so far saw 52 children come by bike or scooter. We would love to break the 60 figure this week and on an ongoing basis. This would bring us to a figure of 13% of trips to school by bike and would show how seriously we are all taking our Green School pledges. Over 200 of our 450 students come from St. Patrick’s parish area so most of those should be able to walk or cycle to school, saving you car journeys and helping our environment in so many ways. There is also a considerable increase in students travelling by bus which is also fantastic for the environment. Maith sibh ar fad. 

    Finally, we remind you to lean ar aghaidh leis an nGaeilge. Reinforcing the language of the school is really important at home and reading of leabhair Ghaeilge, watching TG4 or listening to Raidio na Gaeltachta are great ways of helping your child’s and you own Gaeilge. Please remember that Cúla 4 ar Scoil is on at 10 am each morning and is repeated at 5 pm. On a personal level, I’m really enjoying the live and highlights coverage of the Tour de France every day as Gaeilge on TG4 also. 

    Ná déan dearmad go bhfuilimid beo ar Facebook agus Twitter. Please follow our Facebook and Twitter accounts where we share much useful school-related news and materials from ourselves and others. You’ll find is at twitter.com/gaelscoilosrai and facebook.com/gaelscoilosrai 

    Please ensure ALL your contact details are fully up to date for your child. It is more important than ever that we have fully accurate contact information. Many of you, for instance don’t have your GP details listed or may have out of date email and phone details listed. You can make all these changes through Aladdin Connect. 

    Is mise, 

    Máistir Seán