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  • Nuachtlitir 11 Eanair 2021/January Newsletter 2021

    Nuachtlitir 11 Eanair 2021


    A chairde,

    Athbhliain faoi mhaise daoibh ar fad. Tá súil againn go bhfuil sibh ar fad sláintiúil agus gach éinne i bhur gclanna. Tá an-bhrón orainn nach bhfuil na páistí linn ar scoil ar maidin. Is ar scoil gur fearr le na páistí a bheith agus cinnte gur fearr linne mar mhúinteoirí agus foireann scoile a bheith chomh maith. Níl aon glaoch Zoom, ceacht ar líne, obair ar Seesaw nó Google Classroom leath chomh maith is atá an idir-ghníomhaíocht pearsanta a tharlaíonn i seomra ranga go beo. Le cúnamh Dé, beidh an scoil lán de ghlóir na bpáistí agus múinteoirí gan ró-mhoill. Idir seo agus sin, déanfaimid ar fad ár ndícheall ag obair le chéile chun go féidir lenár bpáistí leanúint ar aghaidh le foghlaim i slí chomh maith agus chomh taitneamhach agus is féidir.


    We wish you and yours a happy and healthy New Year under all the current difficult circumstances. More than anything else, we wish you good health and hope that we all remain healthy in the days and weeks ahead as many of us await the magic vaccine! We are very disappointed that the children and ourselves are not able to return to school today as normal and we hope that the building will soon be full of the sound of children laughing and interacting with us as teachers.


    Regardless of how well we do things in the coming weeks, there is just no comparison between the best Youtube video, Zoom Call, live class, interaction on Seesaw or Google Classroom and the real thing of teachers and children interacting with each other in a live classroom.


    Rest assured however, that every member of staff has been working hard in recent days and will continue to do so to do the best we can to ensure children’s learning is as interesting, as stimulating and as comprehensive as it can be. We are much better set up than last March and teachers have invested huge amounts of time in training and in setting up the online platforms your children are getting used to using. We will continue to learn and make tweaks to our plans in the coming weeks but mistakes will be made and great things will happen from which we will all learn. Please be patient with us and we will equally do all we can to help you through any glitches at home.


    Your child will have daily contact with their class teacher. The time involved will depend on the class and circumstances involved.


    In terms of online learning, we are hugely aware that this presents challenges in many houses. We have divided up the times for interactive learning so that we can try to avoid different children being ‘live’ at the same time. We are also conscious however that not everyone has access to an individual laptop, tablet or even phone. If you have difficulty with this, please email me at priomhoide@osrai.com or your class teacher who are all happy to answer email queries. We did get a limited number of devices on loan out to families last time and can try and do so again if this is helpful.


    In terms of the work your child can do, we are HUGELY CONSCIOUS of the demands on you as parents. We know that many of you will be working from home and have therefore asked teachers to record live sessions so that they can be accessed at a time that suits you. Please do what you can in terms of supporting your child but we do NOT expect you to become teachers. We deliberately use the term ‘learning at home’ rather than the inappropriate term ‘home schooling’ to avoid that pressure.


    In terms of what you can expect from your class teachers, that will be made clearer in the Zoom meetings taking place this evening. We deliberately set these after work time to ensure the maximum number of parents can ‘attend’. Do try and have one parent at least sit in on this evening’s meeting and please email any questions to the múinteoirí beforehand as requested.


    We are of course available to answer queries on an ongoing basis but please be aware that teachers will answer queries during working hours as far as possible (9-3 pm)


    We will share lots of articles and news of events like the very welcome restart of Cúla4 ar Scoil on TG4 and RTÉ’s Homeschool Hub this morning. These are to supplement the work your teacher will be doing and to offer you more options in terms of extra learning or simply ways of occupying your child when necessary. Needless to mention, please allow plenty of active breaks for your child and yourselves to get our safely and exercise.


    In terms of work with children with extra learning needs, our SEN(Special Educational Needs) teachers, Cúntóirí Ranga(SNA’s) and of course your múinteoir ranga will be in regular contact with those children who need it most. They will contact you in the coming days to arrange this.


    We are examining the ‘bille scoile’ payments at present. As you know, some of these payments are for activities which may or may not be able to proceed this year. Please be assured that we will refund any costs which will not occur. We are very grateful to you for your efforts in paying these bills and again appreciate the financial strains there are in many houses.


    Our cruinnithe tuismitheoirí/múinteoirí will take place on the week of the 25th to 29th January. We will have our online booking slots open next week and hope you will avail of the opportunity to ‘meet’ with the teachers and discuss your child’s progress. Naíonáin Bheaga Meetings will take place between 15th and 17th February.


    Tá an Ghaeilge ag croí-lár gach a tharlaíonn in ár scoilne. Iarraimid oraibh an méid Ghaeilge agus is féidir a bheith ar siúl sa bhaile.


    Please make every effort you can to keep the Gaeilge going at home. TG4 and Raidio na Gaeltachta are invaluable ways of doing this and there are thousands of hours of brilliant material on the TG4 and Cúla4 players which you can use to help out. Please read to and with your child in both languages and as Gaeilge where you can.


    Tabhair aire daoibh féin agus le cúnamh Dé cífimid go luath sibh.