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  • Gaelscoil Osraí Cill Chainnigh 30 bliain ag fás
  • Supervision

    The Staff of Gaelscoil Osraí will follow the School Supervision Policy to ensure that comprehensive supervision is implemented at all the breaks. 

    The School is supervised from 8.50 a.m.  to 9.10 a.m. every morning.

    A senior staff member makes out the timetable for the school playground and park.

    The Special Needs Assistants supervise the hospital during lunchtime.  The children can use the toilet here.   The children are not allowed to go to the class rooms unsupervised during break times.  They cannot leave the school playground without permission from an adult or without supervision. 


    Children are encouraged to play in a cooperative, positive  and safe manner at all times. 

    The Anti Bullying Policy, Code of Behaviour and School Rules help to encourage good behaviour and respect at all times.  If an incident of a sexual nature occurs we inform the D.I.A. and she /he will take account of the incident and act accordingly as laid out in the guidelines of Children First Chapter  3 and 4.  


    The children and parents are kept informed of the attendance rules Education Act 2000.

    As regards Child Protection we keep an eye on attendance records.  We also monitor absences that coincide with other signs e.g.  neglect, or other signs of abuse

    The principal is responsible for informing staff on how to fill the rolls and how to keep attendance accounts in the school.

    Special Needs.

    This is covered under the relevant policy.                            


    Every effort is made to encourage open respectful communication between the teachers and pupils.  If children have concerns they are listened to non-judgementally and with respect.


    The Network System has a filtering system that blocks access to unsuitable websites. Unspervised access to the internet is not allowed. The School has ‘An Acceptable Use Policy’.


    The Teachers on yard supervision will be aware of visitors coming and going on the yard and they will find out the reasons for the visit, the visitors will be supervised and monitored as they go about their business. 

     The Principal will inform staff of any person on work experience, teaching practice etc.   This will be done by posting a message on the white board in the staff room and also a note on the online system.


    Gaelscoil Osraí has an Anti Bullying Policy. If there are any suspicions of any abuse (sexual or otherwise) this information will be passed on to the D.I.A.


    Every effort is made in Gaelscoil Osraí to keep children safe, but we understand that accidents happen.  We have a book in which accidents are recorded and noted.


    Children from Gaelscoil Osraí go swimming on Wednesdays. Each class is timetabled in accordance with the schedule which comes from the Watershed.  The children are organised in the yard prior to walking supervised to the Watershed.  Parents will help in the changing rooms if required.

    Induction of New Teachers and Supplementary Staff Members.

    The D.I.A. and the Deputy D.I.A. (if the D.I.A. is absent) will be responsible for informing new staff members of our child protection practices in accordance with ‘Children First 2011.

    Social Personal and Health Education

    The school has an SPHE policy and there is a post holder in charge of this.  Included in this plan is ‘Walk Tall, Beo go Deo, Stay Safe’ and ‘Circle Time’.  We encourage an open, respectful and harmonious atmosphere in the school at all times.

    The Board has ensured that the necessary policies, protocols or practices as appropriate are in place in respect of each of the above listed items.

    This policy has been made available to school personnel and Parents’ Association and is readily accessible to parent on request.  A copy of this policy will be made available to the Department and the patron if requested. The policy is also posted on the school’s website.

    This policy will be reviewed by the Board of Management once in every school year.